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It is important when selecting a pest control provider in Albury that you be confident in their services. It can be hard to work out who will be able to fix your pest problems.

By choosing a well-established brand like Jim’s, you know they have a proven track record of customer service.

A quick search of review platforms like Product Review will give you some great insight on customers experiences.

At Jim’s we survey every client we service to find out how they found our services. If there have been some issues with treatments, then we want to know and the opportunity to fix the problem.

Professional Pest Control  – what does this mean?

Most of our technicians will be happy to give guarantees on certain treament  work they do. They do this as they are extremely confident in the products we use.

It is not very often that we are not able to deliver the desired results to our clients. However, it is possible.

This usually occurs when a pest is behaving in a way we did not expect. They will be doing something different go get around treatments.

In these cases, our technicians are happy to come back and see what they are doing. They will likely modify the treatment they have in place to get them under control.

We do not regard a call back as a failure of treatment, more an opportunity to learn more about the evolving pest.

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Pests evolve and adapt to treatments

Some pests are very cleaver and will evolve and get past treatments we have in place.

For example: one day a technician was performing a general pest treatment. He noticed some carpenter ants had build a highway to the roof void of the building he was treating. He applied a barrier treatment all the way around the house and 1 meter up the walls.

A few weeks later he received a call back from the client. He said that he still had ants. The tech agreed to go out and have a look in the next few days.

When the tech arrived on site, he was stunned to find that the ants were using a power line off the ground, that ran between the home and shed. The ants were using this as a bridge to bypass the treatment.

This goes to show that sometimes pest will do the unexpected.

Not all treatments will come with a guarantee

Obviously not all treatments provide a once-off conclusive solution. We understand that some client’s budgets may not be able to cover a full treatment.

Our technicians will try to cater for what you can afford. In these cases, they may offer partial treatments or a once off visit. They will be confident that this treatment will help reduce the pests but may not eliminate them.

If a reduce termite treatment is selected, they will state to you that no guarantee or warranty will be given. This will be clearly stated on the invoice that you receive, stating that you have chosen a partial or reduced treatment.

Please ask your local technician as to what guarantees, or warranties may apply.