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We’re lucky to enjoy beautiful flora and fauna so close to our homes in Australia, but unfortunately, that means that other creatures, including possums, may be attracted to the houses amongst their land.

If you suspect you have a possum living in your roof, you’re probably right. Despite their small size, these creatures are loud. Unlike the quiet scratching and scurrying of rats, a possum in your roof will make loud thumping sounds throughout the night.

It’s vital to deal with possums quickly as they can cause structural damage in your home, pose electrical risks by chewing through wiring, and health risks to you and your family.

Why call Jim’s for possum removal?

As native animal, possums are a protected species and there are strict rules and regulations about their control, even in suburban areas. That’s why it’s essential to hire a trained, licensed, and knowledgeable pest controller to deal with possums on your property.

Do I need to use a professional?

In New South Wales, it is illegal to catch a possum without the appropriate licensing. Possums must then be released at dusk, no further than 150 metres from the capture point, and near something that it can immediately climb.

These cute creatures may also become aggressive when they feel threatened, so for your safety, you should always hire a professional.

Our pest exterminators hold all the relevant licenses and have experience in the safe capture and release of possums in your area. This means we can remove possums safely, efficiently, and in line with local regulations.

Possum removal Albury

How do we ensure the possum won’t return?

Naturally, you may be concerned that your problem pest will return when it’s released close to your home.

Fortunately, you can stop this from happening with the right inspection and prevention methods.

As part of your possum removal service, your local technician will examine your roof space to find where the possum entered your home, and any other possible entry points. They will then patch these up for you, or in sever cases call in a professional roofer.

Possum prevention tips

Other ways you can prevent possums include:

  • Remove branches overhanging your roof, as possums and rodents use this to access it.
  • Splash any roof entry points with a strong-smelling liquid, like disinfectant, to remove the possum’s scent and discourage it from returning.
  • Routinely assess your home for any potential entry points to reduce the likelihood of the possum returning later.

One of the most important, eco-friendly ways you can prevent possums from nesting in your roof is by providing another space for them.

You can purchase or make wooden nesting boxes for possums, which you should hang in trees near your home.